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minutes i am use our flight tracker abc7 temperatures top out breezy upper 50s to upper 60s by 4:00, inland temperatures will top out in the low 70s to possibly upper 70s by 4:00, coast will see a little sun upper 50s to low 60s. >> good morning. getting a report of a muni delay, inbound/outbound metro at church and crews are on scene some sort of signal problem. we'll follow that. drive times right now 680 through the san ramon valley good 101 out of santa rosa into novato under 30 minutes. east shore freeway from the carquinez bridge to the maze just about 20 minutes. elsewhere live shot at the san mateo bridge things are moving well. >>> morning commute could get a little quicker for people who use caltrain. more trains and extra stops are coming. amy hollyfield is live at the a university avenue station. >> reporter: this is the second busiest station that they on the line. the busiest is in san francisco they will be adding a t in palo alto, great news for commuters who use this station. -- people we've been talking to say the ride home from work is really uncomfortable beca
onshore flow and than average temperatures. mainly cloudy through 7:00, 40s in the north bay, most of us in the low to mid 50s noon most clouds back to the coast holes opening there. mild commute at 4:00, 77 inland, 68 bay, 57 coast. a little warming trend next three days, maybe not so much tomorrow, friday and state temperatures try to get back to average, saturday the beginning of autumn at 7:49. it will feel like it sunday and monday, first the commute information from sue. >>> good morning. wednesday things are improving out there right now we had an earlier "sig alert" i'll update you on that, live shot of the macarthur maze, 80, 580, 880 all flowing nicely. once you funnel into the bay bridge toll, very light, no problems on the upper deck into san francisco. look at san mateo bridge, taillights towards the highrise -- towards foster city no delays, eastbound towards hayward at the limit. update in vallejo, fortunately that earlier "sig alert" with a big rig cleared. they had a police chase earlier this morning a sheriff vehicle collided with the big rig it was in lanes for sometim
in the afternoon. plenty of sun at the coast, a few clouds, breezy, upper 50s to lower 60s. breezes will move through the bay holding temperatures well below average about 5 to 13° cooler than we should be. sunshine around the bay by noon, 62 to 72. inland well below average lowest point top out at 70 one. warmest 83° in the east bay valleys. off to a rough start. here's sue with traffic. >> on the golden gate bridge down to one lane both directions northern portion due to roadwork slow off the waldo both directions. "sig alert" in vallejo stalled big rig past wilson blocking right lane. a bit of slowing past, fortunately early enough and toe rigs are en route. still -- tow rigs are en route. >>> a tale of two san joses. this morning residents are weighing competing versions of police cuts. last night separate meetings were held to tackle the growing crisis. terry mcsweeney is live at the police department. >> reporter: the question is, how do you do more with less? police union saying we need more officers. city saying we couldn't agree with you more, we jut don't have the money many meeti
are not that high but highs are 60s and 70s and very low 80s, here is sal. >>> traffic on marin is looking good if you are driving towards san rafael and traffic looks good in marin county and also traffic looks good on the san mateo bridge, let's go back to dave and pam. >>> one firefighter was injured fighting an apartment fire. ktvu channel 2 morning news reporter ann rubin was first to report on the scene and has more on the rescue of a woman and her dog and a look at the damage, ann ? >> reporter: take a look, it was a tricky one for firefighters not easy to access and in the end, he was taken to the hospital with minor burns. the fire apparently started in a second floor apartment. initially there were three people trapped and as it turns out, it was three people and her dog. the woman may be suffering from smoke inhalation but has so far refused treatment. the fire happened here which includes four apartment complex and they are concerned other apartment the may have smoke or water damage. this woman lives below the fire. >> the light and i looked out and saw it was a fire and i looked o
to the killing of u.s. ambassador, libya, chris stevens. three other americans died in that attack. >>> so, governments around the world restrict the mocking of mohommed or should we be standing up for free speech, especially when it ts scary and dangerous? let me know what you think. send us an e-mail. the address, >>> mitt romney shifting from defense to offense. aggressively attacking the president on the economy. in the very tight race for the white house, showing him trailing in three key states. danielle nottingham has the latest. >> raising campaign cash in atlanta, mitt romney worked to steer his message back to the economy and away from the secret recorded comments he made to campaign donors. >> the question of this campaign is not who cares about the poor and the middle class. i do, he does. the question is, who can help the poor and the middle class? i can, he can't. >> number two on the republican ticket spent wednesday looking for votes in virginia where a new poll of likely voters shows president obama leading romney by four points. he's also up by six po
favoritos de los hispanos. >>>d escubren un papiro que dice que jesús tenía esposa. >>> y también el último video de romeo santos, desde el madison square garden, esto y más en primer impacto. >>> muy buenas tardes, bienvenidos a primer impacto, gracias por esta con nosotros. >>> también les saluda bárbara bermudo. >>> tenemos un caso sorprendente desde perú, lo menos s que pensó la policía peruana es al desmantelar una banda, salvaría la vida de un hombre , tenemos los detalles. >>>e ste video grabado, al parecer con el teléfono celular e uno de los delincuentes detenidos, podría llevar a esta mujer a la cárcel, estos policías vestidos de civil detuvieron a balazos a una banda criminal, a ellos se les ecnontró el mapa del banco que querían robar, sino también este video. >>> tenemos que meterle un tiro para tumbarlo. >>d> e acuerdo con los investigadores la conversación hace alusión al esposo de la mujer, les impresionó la frialdad de la conversación y el tono relajado. >>> por qué se quiere quedar con una fortuna. >>> después los delincuentes presumen de su profes
80s and the east bay. here's the weather story. we do have a mix of sun and clouds friday is going to be warmer pin. in looking at a said the models we may have a chance of rain. take a look of the 7 day around the bay of forecast. friday, beat the warmest day of the week. there will be partly cloudy conditions and a cool down transitioning into next week. >> the bay bridge toll plaza shows a few cars this morning. it is empty at the san mateo bridge in both directions. let's take a live look at the golden gate bridge. the is no cars to be seen right now. >>james: we have a live look at the kennedy space center in florida that is the space shuttle endeavor. it is about ready to take off this morning. it is on its way over to california. it is planned to make a stop in houston. it will arrive in southern california on friday. we are, we look forward to great use of that shuttle. if it will probably was the golden gate bridge and head over to moffett field. >> we will be backed and pick we will let expects a possible upgrade to day. we will have more when we come back. >>james: we
>>> prenden en llamas el vehículo de un desalmado después deun brutal atropello >>> hallan el cuerpo de una mujer envuelto en llamas en medio de una calle. >>> salen al mercado las primeras píldoras con receta para bajar de peso. >>>ccon nosotros sergio george para hablar de la demanda contra prince royce, esto y más ahora mismo en primer impacto ♪. >>> feliz martes, bienvenidos todos a primer impacto. >>> gracias por acompañarnos. >>> comenzamos con un incidente que es investigado por la policía de llos Ángeles los vecinos de una comunidad en california reportaron un fuego y cuando llegaron los bomberos encontraron a una mujer envuelta en llamas, salvador durán con la información. >>> la escalofriante escena fue en un vecindario del sur de los Ángeles, cuando la policía recibió la llamada de varias personas que decían que había fuego en el lugar. >>> ya no se puede ni salir, uno se queda mejor encerrado para no salir. >>> la policía investiga si la mujer se prendió fuego o si alguien la asesinó, sin embargo un testigo dice que vio cuando un desconocido llegó a tirar el cu
or to see some clear movie on shore. the temperatures numbingly in the '50's and '40's and parts of the north bay. >>> gesture of and that roadwork out there to slow you down. his allied look of a class of golden gate bridge. i have one leg "directions across the span. it finds them to pay and work on somewhat one. >>> gun a little piece of american space history and it's all this way here to california. >>> the space shuttle endeavor lifted off for the kennedy space center is being carried to acidulous atop a modified jumbo jet. endeavor will stop in houston and on its wooded edwards air force base today. it's expected to be flown over the bay area before landing at lax. in the race for the white house a new poll shows president obama is gaining ground in free swing states he considered key to his reelection. >>> these numbers come 48 days away from the election and it shows obama is pulling away from romney. most likely to determine the election. according to a poll rummy is losing loved in the states in colorado president obama's now as the lead on romney. energy and wisconsin
. right now it's down to the low 50s in the shenandoah valley and out in the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. chilly there. montgomery, arlington, fairfax. by 7:00 a.m., cloudy. winds still blustery. upper 60s and partly cloudy. and then a for justigorgeous af with low humidity, sunshine. low 70s by 3:00. sunset at 7:09. hometown forecast at 7:11. danella with the look at first 4 traffic. " >>> a live view at chopper 4. as you make your way east, the headlights, you can see volume. good news on 66, not seeing any accidents. you are a bit sluggish. your first set of delays on i-66 as you make your way eastbound. as you make your way past the rest area. travel lanes are open. it's that time of morning, you are starting to hit the brakes. taking the dulles toll road, your travel speed as you hit the beltway, 60 miles per hour. very low volume. that drive is going to take you six minutes. also looking good is 29. if you're along 29 between columbia and the beltway in both directions, no major delays just yet. no accidents. southbound is beginning to pick up volume. >>> a heads
of the northern neck. temperatures in the mid-50s, shenandoah valley. out in the mountains closer to washington, upper 50s in montgomery county. low 60s in arlington. near 60 in fairfax. near 60 in prince george's county and much of southern maryland. right near the bay low 60s. only near 50 out in the mountains. hour by hour, it's going to be a cool and breezy morning, so dress accordingly. we'll hover near 60 here for the next couple of hours. sunrise 6:54. by midmorning, going to get sun breaking out. by noon, upper 60s. mild and breezy for your lunch hour. and then during the afternoon, getting back home from work and school should be beautiful. sunshine, just a few clouds floating through. low humidity. highs reaching low to mid-70s by midafternoon. sunset getting earlier and earlier. 7:09. by then back to the 60s. i'll be back with another hometown forecast in a few minutes. your first 4 traffic with danella. >> i'm following breaking news on the roadways. if you're trying to take the inner loop of the beltway, the ramp is shut down due to the crash in that area. also, keeping an eye on i
close, 60s and 70s and a few 80s, here is sal. >>> traffic looks good heading out to the high-rise and to the peninsular and looking at the 101 and 580, that traffic looks good. it is 5:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> breaking news out of san jose where reports of firefighters are pulling people out of a burning building on the court. it is a two story building on fire and it was reported 4:30 this morning. we have a news crew on the way and we have a live report coming up, sal is also keeping an eye on that fire as well. >>> and breaking news, the driver has led police across interstate 880 in solano county. the sheriff's deputy was involved in a collision with a big-rig and we are also getting reports that a suspect threw a shotgun out of the car at one point. tara moriarty is on her way to cover that story and we will have an update in just a few minutes. >>> developing news in the east bay, a man accused of trying to kidnap three young men has been captured and arrested. it ended with a high speed police chase through union city. claudine wong is live to tell us how thi
crimen de la ciudad y la ciudad que era una de las más seguras ahora es una de las más peligrosas >> hay desacuerdos entre ,la alcaldia y la policía en san jose>>josé estan preocupados los ciudadankoc con la violencia >> siempre trato de estar con amigos y nunca sola >> discutieron el aumento de la violencia y la eficacia de la policía y la seguridad publica >> hace una seman en el campo de una escuela ocurrió algo así agredieron a uno de los estudiantes >> el departamento de la policía dice que cuenta con poco peronal y la fata de recursos financieros tambiene es el problema >> pero se capacito a un grupo de la comunidad >> nosotros tenemos que trabajar juntos con la comunidad >> este programa fue cancelado por falta de recursos pero reaparecio por los voluntarios >> este es mi reporte continuamos con ustedes >> un testigo cuenta sobre el terrible crimen donde golpearon a una chica, ambos amenazarons a la chica y su cuerpo aparecio ardiendo más tarde quemado >> la semana pasado mataron de un disparo en la cabeza >> un sujeto que pasaba cerca de el le dio el disparo >> y a pesar d
it will be dry again tonight even with clouds coming back and fog in the north bay, 50s and 60s until you get to antioch 73. low to mid 60s bay and inland. sunshine is spreading quickly already today tempered by that sea breeze below average temperatures today and tomorrow, a brief warming trend friday and saturday try get back to average before another fall cool or cooling hits sunday temperatures back below average. san francisco 68 today, 71 we are not close today, oakland 75 normally, 66 today. south bay 70 in cupertino san jose upper 60s to low 70s for everybody else mid to upper 60s peninsula today clouds clearing out by the afternoon. low to mid 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito with the sun up north your beaches upper 50s low to mid 70s valleys, 60s east bay shore fremont, castro valley and hercules low to mid 70s. mid 70s to mid 80s, 80s exception pittsburg, antioch and brentwood. 70 santa cruz. 78 tahoe sun, 80s chico and sacramento sea breeze cooling them, fresno 93, 105 palm springs. 86 l.a. near 80 san diego. back home tonight magic number six could it be five after
they ha not spott it. u.s. defense secretary leon panetta urged japanese and chinese leaders to act calmly to resolve the dispute. he held talks in beijing with the defense minister. panetta said the united states is concerned about east asian maritime security. >> the point of this is to send a very positive message to all the nations of this region and the world that we intend to establish a relationship that is healthy, stable, and reliable and continuous. >> he says he hopes to resolve the problem through peaceful kie log but japanese leaders are fully responsible for the unrest. >> translator: china is watching the developments very closely. we have the right to take further action. >> chinese state news reported he came out in opposition to comments panetta made in tokyo. the u.s. defense chief said the san can you can you islands lie within the area covered by the security treaty. he added china expects the u.s. to maintain the neutral stance regarding conflicting claims of sovereignty. business leaders in china are responding in different ways. yucat how are business leaders and bu
the members of the u.s. military are binge drinking. researchers are blaming factors including outdated approach to preventing and treating substance abuse. all >> it is starting to cool down of the nation but it was really hot in the u.s. over this past year. if the first eight months of 2012 were america's hottest ever. how it was also unusually dry in many regions. >> as temperatures this afternoon are running a lot lower than average for this time of year. here is a lifeless outside from the golden gate. the fog and we did clear but it was fairly widespread. the fog as well offshore but will be returning overnight. the inland valleys are running mainly in the '70s. scott >> upper 60s in los 70's, as look ahead of the next couple of days we can expect more of the scene, widespread morning fog but it looks like the plans out of the north will kick up on friday. not only less fog and warmer conditions >>caller: temperatures to our afternoon, '60s and '70s. manacles one was the equal to the upper 50s and low 60s. in the northeast temperatures in in in the '70s. here is a look a your
. >> this u.s. attorney's office busted several pageor student financial aid fraud ricks in california. 17 people have been arrested in the last month alone from sacramento all the way to el cajon, affecting schools like university of phoenix. and agents recovered a million dollars in california, and nationally, the figure is more than $8 million. >> and there is a. >> this works like this. >> it ais more often recruding students who had no intention of attending class autos once getting the financial aid check, the rest is given to the students and the thieves drop out of school, and spend the money on luxuries. it's easy to get away with, because of the popularity of online classes. students hardly interact with school officials or teacher autos participants in the fraud rings see these schemes a quick way to make easy money. >> investigators point out in pell grants, every dollar taken by fraud is a dollar not give dwron a needy student. and students are feeling the pinch. >> this is sick, people come to get money and leave? that is disappoint lg. there are people that need the money. >
transported to the hospital. one, an elderly woman. the other a man in his 50s. don't know the outcome of what happened to them once they got to the hospital. not believed to be serious. there was a third person who was taken to the hospital. this person came from tinley town. this person was complaining of anxiety issues. that person was transported to the hospital. lesli, back to you. >> thank you. and we continue our team coverage with more about the problems bruce mentioned over at the tinley town metro. surae chinn is there. those people are sure hoping for a smoother evening rush hour, surae. >> reporter: lesli, so far, so good. but at the time 20 to 30 people got off the train. one person did suffer from anxiety taken to the hospital. the incident, one person again taken to the hospital. some were so fed up they decided to get off the train the first chance they got. >> there was frustration. >> i don't know. i just didn't want to take the train anymore. >> and confusion. >> try to get the fire back on. they said they are going to evacuate us again. >> people want to evacuate. >>
to mid-60s south and east. out to the west in the shenandoah valley, we have temps in the middle 50s. let's go to monika samtani. this whacky wednesday morning. she's got your timesaver traffic. >>> thank so you much. if you're planning to head around town, i'm going to say nothing's weeky about it luck -- whacky about it lucky. from woodbridge to the owk quan river -- occoquan river, all your lanes are open. let's take a live look into the downtown area across pennsylvania avenue. no issues here. near the willard hotel. nonavenue near wheeler, you want to watch out for police activity. that will be shut down in both directions throughout the morning rush hour. so plan accordingly there. let's go back over to our maps. this time all the way to northern montgomery county coming in from rockville on 270. burtonsville route 29. the beltway as you travel through silver spring into bah these today, all lanes are open -- into bethesda, all lanes are open. and the west side of town same story. lanes are open. more coming up at 5:09. >> thanks, monika. >>> the stormy weather cleared out. >> but t
. temperatures in the 60s, 70's. we could see 80s along the deltoid and livermore valley. we will continue towards the delta of-and livermore. 49 and a santa rosa. and sunnyvale, 49 degrees. yes, it is cold and if you're going to need a jacket for this afternoon. >> it is a so far, no problems on this commute. certainly, for the south bay and the peninsula and for the east bay. the 80 looking great, the 680 and also the nimitz but there are some slow conditions on highway no. 4 in the 580. >> thank you, george the developing of this fire. in the south bay. we have just recently gotten to the live shots on yolo corp.. >> correct at 4:30 a.m. people were still asleep and firefighters are still on the scene. there are dozens of firefighters. it is about 100 yds from where we are. this is video. this is what it looked like just a bit. >> we are to hear you but we see you. let me tell you that you could see the smoke. firefighters reported on the scene and there is one fire fighter that has been injured. and in some cases some people were jumping out. and people were getting out in wheelchairs'
cool spot. 61 here in san francisco. 67 in oakland. inland east bay, upper 70s and there is very pleasant. taking a look at 24 hours ahead there is fog and low clouds near the coast and there is is fog burning and there is mid 40s to mid 50s and sunny skies from loaf 80s and just minutes when i come back, we'll kiss summer goodbye giving fall a warm welcome. >> thank you, spencer. still ahead at 4:00 is not in people's hands yet, apple iphone 5 being sold on ebay. wait until you hear how much goitsing for. >> and she's been named the world's most-beautiful woman. the high praise beyonce is getting from president obama. >> let's check traffic looking at the skyway here, step by step, inch by inch going left to right heading into the east bay. better for folks on the right of the screen. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues right after this. >>> microsoft co-founder bill gates remains the nation's richest man, hitting the top spot from the 19th year running. with a net worth of $66 billion. and warren buffet came in second, and larry ellison, third. and mark zuckerberg droppe
the violent protests of an anti-islam film produced in the u.s. france is closing embassies and schools in 20 countries this friday, which is the muslim holliday. the french government defended the right to publish the cartoons but questioned whether the magazine acted responsibly. >>> president obama is taking a slight lead now over republican nom nye mitt romney in the polls. that according to the latest nbc "wall street journal" polls, which have the president ahead by about five points. despite the polls, mitt romney is not backing down from his recently disclosed remarks about americans, and government benefits. if anything, he is underscoring them. steve handelsman is on capitol hill now with the latest. >> reporter: good evening. mitt romney is resisting the demands of those in his republican party who have seen the polls, who have seen the video, and who are pleading with romney to show more warmth and more sympathy to voters, to americans who have had to turn to the government for benefits like social security. mitt romney went to atlanta and stood up to his critics on the issue that
, i was truly upset when i heard my favorite newspaper, the "u.s.a. today" was getting a dramatic redesign. turns out i was worrying for nothing because, in a digital era where print media is struggling, "u.s.a. today" is focusing their energy where it counts: the logo. (laughter) as publisher larry cramer wrote in the relaunch issue "our new logo will be as dynamic as the news itself." and, ladies and gentlemen, did they deliver. prepare to feast your eyes on the "u.s.a. today's" new logo! boom! a blue circle! (laughter) there it is! serendipitously this ises a a pie chart showing the percentage of people confused by the "u.s.a. today's" new logo. (applause) kramer calls this a living logo. (laughter) the first one since they had to put down the m.g.m. lion after he ate those munchkins. (laughter) and in a the "u.s.a. today" exclusive, i learned that the "u.s.a. today's" new logo will be an info graphic that changes with the news, containing a photo or image that represents key stories of the day. like this one in the money section, the shopping cart. right there, okay? (laughter
with the a chinese company. the completion of the deal will generate a wind fall which could ease the pain of yahoo!'s shareholders. after yahoo! pays taxes and distributes most of the proceeds, the kl will have $1 billion left to finance acquisitions or hire new talent as it seems to build up the company. >>> mayor ed lee today took one of san francisco's less scenic tours. he inspected the now empty sutro reservoir. without the 32 million gallons of water, it looks more like a parking garage. it's vital to the city so it's getting an overhaul. the mayor says the inspiration to make the improvements was reinforced by a post-katrina visit to new orleans. >> one of the biggest lessons is they didn't invest properly in the infrastructure knowing disaster was in front of them, having experienced flooding and the gates of their water barriers having melted down a couple times before then. >> the reservoir is the seventh and last reservoir in the city to benefit from the improvement program. >>> still ahead tonight at 6:00, a new stadium is being built and a whole city is feeling the impact. >> we have new
of those searches that it came up. >> kron4's theresa estacio visited the site. >> we have had double the traffic of our previous biggest day ever. >> reporter: here in mother jones, they tell kron4 that reaction to the secretly taped video of mitt romney at a fund raiser hab intense -- has been intense. >> we're estimating about 5 million. there were 2 million alone yesterday. people are taking it in different ways and running with it in different directions. but it's safe to say that it underlines some of the previous criticisms of the romney campaign. >> reporter: a local magazine known for its more liberal bent posted the entire 49 minute video online and plan on posting transcripts. >> that's why we released the tape, both the full tape and the highlights so that people could parse the meaning of what he's saying for themselves. that's really not our job to interpret what he's saying, but the words speak for themselves. >> reporter: the coeditors say the video surfaced about two weeks ago, and since then, they have been working to verify its authenticity. >> knowing politicians p
super doppler. not much more than s towards lexington park and lusby over southern maryland. maybe for another hour or two. will be giving way to sunshine. pleasant autumn temperatures today, 5 degrees below where we year. be for this time of if you don't like that, be warmed bywill the end of the week. today, clearing skies, 63 degrees at 9:00, partly cloudy noon, 71 by 5:00, mostly sunny and nice. we have the next chance of storms not until saturday. we will talk more about that later. first, traffic with jamie. serve on the region, no major g problems inn virginia, maryland, or the district. we have an accident in virginia on the little river turnpike overtopping the beltway. are able to get through. still dealing with clean up from an overturned car. no problems getting into town the 14th street bridge. roosevelt bridge looks good and the anacostia looks fine. 295 passing benning road, no longer any standing water. county andgeorge's avenue closed near mill road, south of the parkway with a police investigation. s good on the maryland beltway. back to you. >> thank you. two pri
friends. salisbury, a little warmer. hey, mid-60s, 65 in columbia now. 68 in edgemere. 62347 davids -- 67 in davidsonville. across the entire east coast any rain is offshore. as we look at the hour by hour forecast, 60s and 50s overnight. as we push tard daybreak tomorrow that's when we look for a chilly start. 48 degrees by first thing early tomorrow morning. you want to check out our abc2 weather and news app. even when the weather's quiet. you might want to check ot our abc2 weather app. back to you. >> in the more than 200 year history only two deputies have died in the line of duty. that number has doubled within a week. comrades laid to rest sergeant adam lock ran. >> reporter: for the second time in a week a hearse pulls before mountain christian coach in joppa carrying a baltimore deputy. he stood among his comrades at another funeral but this one is his own. he felt discomfort at that funeral a week ago and thought it was heart burn. the same night a heart attack would take his life. >> there are critics who believe that to be a hero that there needs to be drama, died in a gunfir
coast and bay inland locations. low temperatures into low 50s tonight cooler north bay valleys lows drop into mid to upper 40s in clover dale and napa. there is a two system that's bill have an influence in weather. there a weak low pressure system contributing mainly to our cool down and such as it s then, a storm well to our south. some clouds will be kicked up north and there is no rainfall to spew high clouds through the day. sunny skies and mild conditions and there is a highs into upper 60s to low 70s and on the peninsula, highs into 60s. 67 in redwood city and palo alto there is 69 in the sunset district. north bay highs into 70s and a little warmer up north in clear lake. and we'll see low 80s, east bay, highs of 64 in berkeley. 68 newark, inland warmer than that but not the kind of warmth you might expect this time of the year. upper 70s to 82 in antioch. and upper 60s to 70s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a warm up friday. mid-70s around the bay. and there is a saturday first day of fall. there will be no major fluke twaigss. just minor changes here and the
a personas que tengan si sospechan que no están legales en el país hay veces encontradas. pero la huelga de maestros en chicago coronó su lucha. los estudiantes fueron a clases mañana. >> es nacionalización del telmex deja de ser remotos en el estado de tamaulipas. >> este es su noticiero univisión de visión nocturna. cuales algunas noches, enriquecen una asignación especial, la jueza susan votan mediodía libre la policía de arizona para que pregunten por la situación migratoria a personas detenidas, de quienes sospecha pueden ser indocumentadas, es decir, que entra en vigor una de las secciones más polémicas de la ley ley sb 1070, esto abrió ó aa región por el uso del perfil racial. alejandro espinoza de las reacciones y el último es definir en arizona. >> tal como se estaba esperando, la juez federal de distrito susan boston determinó que las agencias de policía de zona puede comenzar a aplicar la frase más polémica de la ley migratoria del estado ley sb 1070, ha clausurado seis y los oficiales del orden cuestionan la condición migratoria de personas detenidas por deli
islam film protest, the u.s. is temporary closing a consulate in indonesia. earlier, about 300 protestors rallied in front of the consulate. 15 muslim students demonstrated later. both groups demand the obama administration punish makers of the film, calms innocence of muslims. egypt has issued arrest warrants for 8 people involved in the film. thousands of muslims have been protesting in cairo for the pass week over the film. the warrants are symbolic since the 8 people are reportedly living outside of egypt and unlikely to travel there to face charges. the charges may actually be an attempt to curb the anger over the film. >>> and happening now, congress is receiving an update on threats to homeland security. senator joe lieberman is talking now. this is a live picture from the senate hearing. witnesses today include homeland security secretary jeanette napolitano. -- janet napolitano. she will speak about the progress made on various suburb it was, including programs to stop terrorists like the 9/11 high-jackers: the wife of mitt romney talking about her husband's controver
. fifties and low 60s for the inland valleys. another chilly night with temperatures are in to the '40's and '50's. the fog is spreading all the way inland. into the afternoon, sunny and cool with temperatures in the '60s and '70s. >> contest on a 193, the new 24-7 news channel. >>vicki: what is the culprit behind childhood obesity? you might be surprised to know. >>gary: in game 1 of a major tan game road trip. also, one of the founders of nfl football has passed away in vans, the raiders need some help. those stories are coming later in the broadcast. >> apple had said they have made improvements to siri. even if you're not getting a new iphone, you have something to look forward to with the release of the new operating system. >> siri has also learned how to launch applications. >> many people have been waiting for this, a big change is coming to face time. right now, it only works over wi-fi. with the new operating system with our enabling face time over cellular. >> they are dumping google maps in apple has greeted their new mapping system. it looks similar to go will maps an
outside the embassy in beijing. u.s. ambassador gary lock was surrounded by protesters. they have been demonstrating outside the japanese embassy next door demanding that japan relinquish control of an island chain claimed by china in the waters between the two countries. some of the protesters moved into the street blocking ambassador lock's car. some threw bottles. chinese police and military forces pushed the demonstrators back. the ambassador was not hurt. >>> turkish media says syrian opposition fighters took control of a border crossing at the syrian-turkish line. rebels have been trying to secure border crossings to create safe havens near turkey, a country sympathetic to the syrian opposition movement. >>> workers at a platinum mine in south africa have ended their labor strike. the deal comes after protests left 45 people dead. the mins accepted an agreement that will boost pay as much as 22%. a spokesman for the mine company called it groundbreaking, and workers say they're happy. >> yeah. no, no, no. the solution is coming. yeah. >> we have something. half is better than not
billion to fighting hunger in the u.s. as we work together, we can stamp hunger out. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: please welcome dwight yoakam back to this program. he is out with his first studio album in seven years. he is also being honored this month with a special award by the academy of country music. some of them -- some of the making of the new disc, "3 pears." ♪ ♪ ♪ tavis: good to have you back on the program. i did not realize that you have lived in los angeles for 30 years. >> when i got lost trying to get to your studio, i should have known better. i drove a couple of different jobs. i drove for another company that was based near the studio. transporting checks at night. everybody has a job. that was my job. to make a living with a guitar for a lot longer. i drove all over l.a., that was my life for a number of years. i'm one point, i was born in kentucky, raised in ohio, but i grew up in california. i felt like i became an adult here. i landed here. i dropped out of ohio state. we did beat yo
an antiislammic film which was made in california. demonstrators pulled down a billboard and now u.s. officials are urging world leaders to speak out against these incidents. >>> for years women soldiers have been wearing body armor which didn't fit their faller frames. the army has now developed armor which is tailored specifically to fit women's physiques. the tactical vests will be used for the first time by soldiers if the 101st airborne division who are about to deploy to afghanistan. the new design eliminates gaps between the material and the body and can be fitted with smaller side polic -- side ballistic inserts. >>> it's been almost ten years since the d.c. snipers terrorist -- terrorized d.c. residents. many of those involved in the case were back in washington yesterday. >> matt jablow was there. he has details. >> reporter: nearly ten years after ten people were shot to death during one of the most terrifying killing sprees in the nation's history. >> our thoughts and prayers should go to these victims. >> reporter: some of the people whose lives were most directly affected by the d
that grab a jacket, especially north and west. temperatures down in the mid- 50s. it's 6:00 a.m. here comes monika with timesaver traffic. >>> good morning. for the most parpts our major thorough -- part our major thoroughfares are looking fine. on 95 northbound north of dale city, a disabled vehicle in the left center lane. southbound 270 has been incident free this morning. no big deals to report as you head from frederick down to clarksburg and the point where the lanes divide. you've got your usual slowdowns. let's take a live look jut side if you're planning to -- outside if you're planning to head to the beltway near georgia avenue. brake lights from 95 as you head into silver spring. if you're planning to head to the northbound side of 95 and 395 again just your normal slow stuff up to the 14th street bridge. back over to our graphics. again marc penn line delays 30 to 60 minutes, restricted speeds due to the storms yesterday between d.c. and bowie and also number 403 is canceled. you can use metro this morning. i'll be back with more traffic at 6:11. >> thanks, monika. we'll see you
, down in the 50s. it's going to be another hot one, especially back through vegas, 9 9 this afternoon. 103 in phoenix. seattle cooling off a little bit, in the 70s today. that's the latest continue all across the west coast with highs today warm in the 70s and 80s. that's your latest forecast. lynn. >> dylan, thanks so much. >>> coming up, japan follows suit. fedex warns and why it pays to be an alaskan. the rumor mill is buzzing about a reconciliation between robert pattinson and kristen stewart. >>> coming up, the brewers are back in the hunt, plus the good, the bad, the ugly in the outfield. you're watching early today. >>> good morning and welcome back to "early today." i'm lynn berry, and here are some of your top headlines this morning. >>> pennsylvania state supreme court is ordering a lower court judge to determine if voters have easy access to photo i.d. cards required by a new law. if it is determined the i.d.s are easily available, the law can stand. if not, the law will be blocked. >>> arizona police can begin enforcing the controversial show your papers provision of the s
to use the money raised by the relisting to repay the bailout fund. a u.s. federal district court in california rejected samsung electronic request to lift a ban on sales of tablet computers. the court said the issue should be taken up at a federal appellate court. this came after the court's decision in june to temporarily ban sales of samsung's galaxy tab 10.1. the ruling was in favor of apple. which claimed samsung vie lated its pat enter. last month a jury at the same court decided samsung did not infringe apple's patents. however the verdict said the firm did violate the rival smartphone patents. in the legal battle between apple and samsung, international trade commission, u.s. trade panel ruled in favor of apple last week. >>> meanwhile, apple shares have topped $700, for the first time. on expectations the new iphone 5 will boost the firm's earnings. shares of the u.s. technology giant closed at $701.19 on the nasdaq tuesday. the iphone 5 will go on sale friday in several countries including the united states and japan. the company says preorders in the first 24 hours were
is this morning temperatures running in the '50s but after man wishes see mostly sunny skies. the sec said a few 70's inside the base 70's 80's inland's and all these numbers running well below the average this time of year occurred onshore winds remain so it's going to be a little breezy outside this morning. will see sunshine as we head towards the afternoon temperatures will be running a little below the average. no delays at sfo. we should clear things up again despite faster them. you're looking at 70 degrees but was caught the skies 82 in denver and 84 in houston. 70's around a 70 unsettles a 77 morgan hill 64 happened at half moon bay 70's and a few eighties inland. temperatures man in the '60's 50's out towards the coast line. of 75 degrees in santa rosa. the next couple of days no major changes may be just a little warmer on friday but as we head towards the weekend of temperatures begin to cool down again. this weekend is the first week in of all. >>> schools that concession in chicago this morning teachers have ended a seven day strike. the contract is still not finalized retired for
in the low to mid 70's this morning. it will stay in the 60's in the mountains. we will check the seven-day forecast going all the way into the weekend. >> good morning. standing water will be the issue in many spots this morning. when a closure on the eastern shore in chester near u.s. 50. otherwise, monument street is closed near patterson park. moving pretty well on the major roadways. about 11 minutes on the outer loop north east side. 10 minutes to go south on 95 down towards 32. here's a quick, live look at traffic. this is 70 at 29. it traffic moving without delay. this is traffic on the west side. the speed at security boulevard. the north side running smoothly. as we hear of any other closures, we will keep you posted. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> we're falling some breaking news this morning. fire officials are on the scene of a two alarm fire. it started just before 2:00 a.m. this morning. six people were injured in the fire. one child was taken to hopkins pediatrics. we will have updates as soon as they become available. >> the search continues for the person w
was found unconscious in a hotel room with a note saying i'm sorry. the victims were both in their 80s and found dead earlier this month in their home. >> yesterday's severe thunderstorms are well off the coast and moving further away. we've seen a clearing trend with more sunshine breaking through and the high pressure will hold strong and build in tonight. we're looking a beautiful weather but it will feel like fall. look at these low temperatures. thirties' showing up in the great lakes and that air is headed our way. we will see how long this fall- like air will stick around and see if it hangs around for the official beginning of fall in your forecast and a few minutes. >> people are up in arms tonight, concern that city officials planning to pave a big chunk of a park to make way for certain renovations and improvements. the plant is preliminary but it would create 95 parking spots to use for various purposes. it would at a driving route and help increase activities at the senior building. but for neighbors, the main objection is losing something hard to find in the city, green s
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